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What Are These Black Chips?

18 November 2012

By Frank Scoblete

What Are These Black Chips? bu Supercatman

This was a post by Supercatman on the private, members-only message boards at

Supercatman: I got to roll with an old friend of mine last saturday night at my Indian casino. He is a random roller and this is only the second time that I rolled with him.

He is a veterinarian and my nickname for him is "Dr. Hardway."

I gave him an autographed copy of "Casino Craps, Shoot to Win" by Frank Scoblete and I tried to feebly explain to him the difference between the good bets and the sucker bets.

You guessed it, his very first night out he focused on the "crazy crapper" bets because so many ploppies were betting those. It looked a lot more exciting to him, I guess instead of my dull old Pass & Come bets. So I dubbed him "Dr. Hardway."

When we colored up that night he asked me "What are these black ones they gave me?"

"Those are hundreds".

"Holy sh**"!

You gotta love it the first time somebody gets some blacks in their paw!

Let 'em roll!


[This post appeared on the private, members-only Golden Touch web site. Get a free 60-day subscription. Just email Frank Scoblete at]

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