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The 12 Superstitions About Craps: #4 - No Touchy and No Speakie

26 December 2011

By Frank Scoblete

The 12 most popular superstitions at the game of craps are adhered to or believed by most craps players -- so if you want to play the game and not be thought a craps barbarian, you should know them. Keep in mind that individuals add their own superstitions too so you might hear someone yelling some incoherent thing at the table which to him will ward off the coming of the ominous 7 or bring it on if he is a Darkside player.

Never speak or touch someone who is having a good roll.

This is manners again. Let the shooter shoot. You can cheer if you want but don't slap the shooter on the back or rub his arm or talk up his nose with your beer breath. If you are dealing with a controlled shooter, pounding his back and shouting up his nose or in his ear is not a good thing. Think of a baseball hitter with a fan standing next to him yelling, screaming and pounding. We doubt the player will hit the ball. If the shooter hits his point or a number you are on, feel free to cheer or clap, but leave the shooter to himself.

Frank Scoblete
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