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Scobe's Slots Rule of Three

21 October 2000

By Frank Scoblete

It is no secret that slot players want ways to play those infernal machines with some hope of going home with some money, any money, at the end of a day, a night, or a session. The worst feeling in the world for the slot player (or any casino gambler for that matter) is going home with totally empty pockets. Losing every red cent you brought with you to play is not a nice feeling. Even if you said to yourself: "This $600 is my gambling stake. I don't need it for food, shelter or family necessities. It's play money. Period." Lose it and you feel quite different. You feel: "Oh, nuts. There went $600!" Then you start thinking of all the other things you could have bought with that $600. Then you feel guilty. Then you feel stupid.

To eliminate any practical probability of winding up going home with that "Oh, nuts!" feeling welling up from your heart, I have developed my Scobe's Slot Play Rule of Three. Utilized properly, you'll get the best and longest bang for your hard-earned bucks against those money-hungry machines. The Rule of Three will allow you to enjoy your casino excursions more because you will know that you have given the machines the best shot you could on any given day or night, and you still came home with some money in your pocket. That's a victory of a sort.

Here is how the Rule of Three works. Let us take that $600 that you plan to bring to the casino to play your favorite slots. The very first rule you must adhere to is recognizing that a $600 stake is not really strong enough to play the dollar machines at full coin. If your favorite machines are of the dollar variety, then you must resign yourself to playing only one coin at a time. Look for machines that are certified as returning 98 percent of all the money played in them. These are the best one-dollar slots you'll ever find.

Now, divide your $600 stake into three equal parts of $200 each. Now, take the first $200 and go to any machine of your choice - whichever machines you like to play. At that machine, give yourself approximately $70 to play with. One coin at a time in dollar slots or full coin in 25 cent slots. Once you have put that $70 through the machine once, check to see if you are ahead or behind. If you have a win, whatever it is, cash out your credits and separate the win from the initial $70. The $70 now goes into your pocket, never to be touched again. You now can take your win and continue to play that same machine as follows:

Let us say that you wound up with $30 over and above the $70 you put in. Now, you take that $30 and put it through the machine until you've doubled it or lost all but $10 of it. Take that $10 (one-third of $30) and add it to your $70. You'll now go home with $80. (What if you won $60 initially? Why put that $60 through the machine until you double it or have $20 left. Why $20? Because $20 is one-third of $60! The Rule of Three!) Once you have doubled any win, you now take all your money and put it in the bank. You aren't going to touch it for the rest of the session.

Now, take out your next $70 from your $200 stake and put that through the same machine using the exact same formula as before. Why continue playing the same machine? Why not? You're winning, aren't you?

On the initial $70, if you did not come out ahead, take whatever remains of it and put it away. Move to another machine.

Once you have played your first $200 through the machines (as $70, $70, $60) - win, lose or draw, you now take a brief rest. If the machine you have been playing is hot, then ask the attendant to save it for you while you go to the bathroom. Get up and take a walk and think about the money you have won. If you have lost some or most of the $200, think about the small amount you'll get to take home. Take solace in the fact that you didn't lose it all and that you still have $400 to go!

After your break, come back and play the exact same way as I've shown with the next $200. When that mini-session is completed, again take a break.

In the final session, if you are substantially ahead of the game and assured of coming home with a win in your pocket, you can go for the gusto. If you have won, say, $200 in that final session, take $100 and play until the cows come home. Try to win as much as you can. You're guaranteed to go home with a win, so playing longer will give that shot for a big win.

And what if all three mini-sessions were losers? Head home and pat the money that remains in your pocket and be thankful that you played such a smart game. Be thankful that you didn't lose it all. Be thankful that you were able to walk into the jaws of the casino beast and, though you couldn't pluck his gold tooth this time, he wasn't able to devour you. Frankly speaking, play the Rule of Three and you'll always be economically alive to play another day.

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