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More on those Cold and Bloodless Games

7 December 2012

By Frank Scoblete


I have been a fan of your articles in Casino City Times for many years and a craps, blackjack and Pai Gow player for many more, playing only low vig games that get my juices flowing. What draws me to the casinos is the excitement it generates. Nothing gets your blood going like hitting your number with 10 times odds on the crap table. Nothing. And the high fives and cheers it generates just add to the moment. Machines can't give that kind of rush, only a combination of human dealers, stickmen and fellow players can. Taking the emotion out of the game renders it boring and lifeless.

Your "Cold and Bloodless Games" article was dead on. The fun and excitement of gaming is being replaced something similar to what you can buy in an electronic store. If I wanted to play video games, I would play slots or video poker on line and let an RNG determine my fate. I hope the casinos realize that the whales, high rollers and $100-500 bank players are not looking for video games, they are looking for excitement.

Thank you again for bringing the feelings of many table game players to light. Hopefully the casinos will reconsider before table games, as we know them, disappear all together and we are left with an electronic rendition of a table game and a winking cyber-babe.

Jack C.
Frank Scoblete
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