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Casino Trip Report and Discipline

9 December 2012

By Frank Scoblete

This is a post by Get-a-Grip from the private, members-only message boards at

GET-A-GRIP: I recently returned home from a casino trip. I took copious session notes this trip which I have not really done before. This is a kind of trip report but will probably not be as enjoyable to read as many trip reports are on this web site. I am hoping this will be helpful to some so they do not have to struggle with the same discipline problems that I have had.

First, let me say that this trip was a success financially and I am happier with the physical aspects of my controlled dice toss than I have ever been. I tossed several sessions each day averaging tossing the dice about nine to 12 times per day. My shortest roll was three (Yikes!) and my longest was 30. I had many in the 16 to 23 range so I was pleased with that. I had a lot of quality shots as well as some terrible shots and some just plain lucky shots as well as some plain unlucky shots. I still have a lot to learn but the Golden Touch teaching so far has always proved to be correct.

I was most unhappy with some of my mental discipline and my propensity to still be a bit of a gambler. I won’t look at myself as an Advantage player until I have mental discipline of steel!

I am normally most comfortable and have the 401G for a $10 table. I found my discipline on a $10 table was pretty good generally----I think because it has to be. My discipline troubles start when I play a $5 table. Here are my problems as I saw them in my session notes:

A. I look at the $5 table as a “warm up.” Now I have already practiced in my room prior to going to the tables so this is NOT a warm up. I find myself less intense when I go to the lower denomination table. I think I am just going to ease into it. Wrong, no matter which table I go to, even the practice rig; my intensity both physical and mental needs to be there from the first toss each and every time.

B. I am not as careful or disciplined with my betting on the $5 table. My rationale is that I can place more bets or spread out quicker because I am only spending half of the money I normally bet on the $10 table. Well, yes that would get me in the action on more rolls but that my friend is just adrenalin fuelled gambling pure and simple. The 7 comes out just as quick on the $5 table as it does on the $10 table. The problem with this rationale is that now instead of needing to win just three bets to get my money back, I need to win four, five, or six just to recoup my initial layout of money. Do I lose less on a $5 table? Sometimes I do but the real point is I tend to LOSE money on the $5 table and I tend to win money on the $10 table where I am more disciplined. Now, if I am betting correctly, maybe I only win $20-$30 at the lower table but at least I am not losing $20-$30. Sounds like a small win but at least it is a win and psychologically better also which is a big thing in dice control.

By taking a lot of session notes I have finally noticed some of my errors and I don’t intend to make these same errors again. One of the things I have in the back of my mind is to try to move up to playing a $25 table soon but I won’t be able to do that until my shot improves and my 401G [editor’s note: 401G is a gambling bank account] can handle it. Every small session win will get my 401G closer to that level and every small loss will set me back from that goal. Working on my shot is a given but the shot and the bankroll go hand in hand to get to the next level.

I think any “take away” from my post for you all would be to sit down after a session and write down some notes if you don’t do that already. It is not the most fun way to spend time in a casino but we all need to take breaks from play anyway and you just may see something that you have initially missed. Also, pay attention to your discipline when playing on a lower denomination table. Don’t be like me. Use the same betting strategies that you have been practicing at home for all tables.

Thanks for reading. I know it was a pretty long post but hopefully it will save other GTC players from making my foolish mistakes!

[This post appeared on the private, members-only Golden Touch web site. Get a free 60-day subscription. Just email Frank Scoblete at]
Frank Scoblete
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