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Match Play Methods and the 5-Count

15 April 2014

By Frank Scoblete
FROM DAVE: One casino was giving us coupons for table game play. They were the same amount ($10, $15, or $20 value). There was no restriction on only using one at a time. We would use them on roulette.

We put one on red and one on black. We would also put a nickel bet split across 0 and 00. This way we would always get some money back on our coupons. Of course, we are hoping for the 0 or 00 to come up. If the red or black hits they replace the coupon with chips and pay even money on the win.

What do you think of this strategy?

FRANK RESPONDS: If you are definitely looking to win then doing what you’re doing guarantees a win. Over time you will not win as much as you would have had you simply played either red or black at roulette.

Many casinos do not like when players play both halves of the proposition because they think this gives the players a bigger edge. It does not give the player any greater edge than doing the entire bet on one proposition.

So, I say, do what you feel most comfortable doing. If you are an infrequent casino player, your way gives you a little extra money. If you go to the casino all the time, then you are better off playing these coupons straight up.

FROM BRIAN: I just wanted to write to you to express what your book, "Casino Craps: Shoot to Win!" has done for me.

I am a casual player who loves to play craps. I get that the casino has the edge and they will win in the end but I was looking for something to help prolong my "entertainment" at the craps table. I purchased your book shortly after discovering your blog.

After reading your book, I grabbed some dice and started practicing. Setting the dice is a lot easier than I had expected. I thought I would fumble with the dice too long at a live craps table but that is not the case.

I do still need a ton of practice but I wanted to report that at my first time at a live craps table in Vegas, yesterday, that I had one 40+ roll and one 50+ roll. I think the floor supervisor was more excited about it than I was.

When he started watching I got nervous but he reacted positively and said I should have been betting the fire bet (which I never did) since I made it a couple of times. It got to the point where everyone was passing the dice so I could roll. I was amazed how well setting the dice really worked. I still need to practice (sometimes my rolls sevened-out quickly.)

The 5-Count saved me a ton of money. I'll admit I felt eager to place a bet while others were rolling the dice. I also felt uncomfortable as shooter after shooter would not make the 5-Count and I was standing there making no bets. I kept thinking I was going to get kicked off of the table for not betting. That never happened. Perhaps it was because I was tipping the dealers really well, especially when I had those big rolls.

Thanks, Frank, for sharing your craps knowledge.

FRANK RESPONDS: Dice control does work but it will take you time to master it. You have to expect the bad with the good and you will hit bad spots. I once had 72 turns with the dice and lost on each and every turn --- in a row!. I hit a number here and there but I couldn’t win on my turns. Yes, that was horrible. It was even more horrible because there were students of mine at the tables!

The 5-Count is the best way to play. It will eliminate 57 percent of the random rolls. That’s a big savings as you have already seen.

This article is provided by the Frank Scoblete Network. Melissa A. Kaplan is the network's managing editor. If you would like to use this article on your website, please contact Casino City Press, the exclusive web syndication outlet for the Frank Scoblete Network. To contact Frank, please e-mail him at


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